The firm overview

  • Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the founding members of the European Union, and it holds the highest economics ratings (i.e., S&P AAA). It is currently the leading financial centre in the euro zone and the second largest in the investment fund industry behind the US. The Luxembourg financial centre is a pioneer in adapting EU directives for collective investment undertakings (UCITS) and AIFMD.

Luxembourg has a stable legal and fiscal framework thanks to the country’s economic, social and political stability. This regulatory and fiscal framework allows for double taxation treaties with almost 100 countries around the world, enabling us to take full advantage of all the benefits provided by these agreements.

All these characteristics, together with compliance and the clear and transparent standards set by the OECD, mean that the financial centre enjoys an innovative framework for all types of financial structures and investment vehicles, for both institutional investors and family office alike.

  • Asset Manager

Teiko Asset Management S.a.r.l is a Luxembourg based Alternative Investment Manager founded in 2020 by Manel Nogueron with the clear objective of obtaining profitability from the markets through the Teiko Equity FX Global Fund.

  • Management Team

The management team is formed by professionals with more than 70 years of experience in asset management. With a focus on risk management and the objective of generating attractive returns on capital under management using best of industry tools and proprietary systems.

  • Fund

Teiko Equity & FX Global Fund S.c.s.p is solely focused on large cap European and US-listed companies, and the 6 most liquid currency pairs. The fund seeks to provide shareholders with superior returns on capital whilst maintaining constant liquidity of assets under management whilst avoiding the risks associated with constant market exposure, adopting a daily trading strategy.

  • Strategy

Transaction volumes and the required counterparts to settle those transactions is one of the funds key strategies for exploiting market inefficiencies . The larger the managed capital, the more complex it becomes to obtain higher sustainable profits. For these reasons, it is not our goal to grow in Assets Under Management (AUM) exponentially and as such we maintains a “FAMILY & FRIENDS” structure and do not seek a presence in the banking networks, rather our mission statement is to maintain a constant profitability line, without extreme volatilities, seeking investment ideas capable of surpassing the main indexes and with a great conviction to generate Alpha.


The Firms Evolution

Teiko Asset Management is the summation of its founders 20 year journey working within the financial markets.


Teiko Asset Management Sarl is approved and registered with the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) & The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)