Suscripción - Enviar Archivos

Todos sus documentos serán enviados a nuestro departamento de cumplimiento y agente de transferencia.  Nos pondremos en contacto con usted si se necesita más información.

Su dirección IP ( y la fecha y hora de la operación (2022-09-28 23:36:33) se registran a los efectos de la certificación de la operación.

Acknowledgment Of Tax Compliance Duty

KYC Form – Identification Investor

Subscription Form LE Teiko SCSP

Identification document (Passport or ID)

Proof of address

Proof of wealth


Para inversores privados
  • KYC Form A
  • Acknowledgement tax compliance duty
  • Subscription
  • Certified True Copy (CTC) of
  • Recent Utility bill as proof of
  • W8 BEN form:
  • Source of wealth: Tax declaration or any proof of the wealth of the
  • CTC of bank statement with the bank account that will be used to transfer the


Te CTC can be carried out by an employee of a regulated entity or by a registered professional (lawyers, notary).

Para inversores institucionales
  • Certify True Copy (CTC) of Constitution deeds and Articles of
  • CTC of Powers Of Attorney (POA).
  • CTC of ID of POAs.
  • Utility bill of
  • CTC of Trade
  • CTC of recent shareholders register.
  • CTC of Board
  • CTC of list of Managing Directors (if they are not listed in the Trade Register).
  • CTC of Structure chart.
  • CTC of a bank statement of the
  • CTC of last two audited annual
  • KYC form B duly completed, dated and
  • Acknowledgement tax compliance duty
  • W8 BEN-E form:
  • Subscription



Shareholders holding with 25% or more of the company: